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The world of Kefir

Welcome to the world of kefir located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I believe you will find this site a simple, useful and resourceful kefir site to help you enjoy making and drinking kefir for the betterment of your health and of those you love.


Roselle Farm

Do you know that roselle is a flower rich in nutrients. If you are unfamiliar with roselle, read more here.


There are many countries that produce roselle, but the quality of roselle found in

Malaysian soil is good.


I have sourced for various suppliers of roselle and have found one which meets my requirements for quality, flavour and colour.


This particular farm is located in Perak, spawning a few acres (still increasing in its size) which is towards Northern Malaysia and next to the Perak River, where the soil is rich and fertile.


Some pictures taken at the farm :

roselle farm 1 roselle farm2 roselle farm3 roselle farm4 roselle farm6 roselle farm7 roselle farm8 roselle farm9

Roselle plants about a month old

Ready to be harvested


Gathering to be dried

Some roselle flowers (hibiscus)