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- Mrs Ramona R

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My Kefir World


The world of Kefir

Welcome to the world of kefir located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I believe you will find this site a simple, useful and resourceful kefir site to help you enjoy making and drinking kefir for the betterment of your health and of those you love.


Below are some feedback we receive from our customers on our kefir products and their effects. Please email us if you have a feedback for us. Thank you.

"I have been consuming all the range of products from MyKefirWorld. I especially like the kefir smoothie and water kefir. They are delicious! More importantly, my health has improved a lot. I am vegetarian and suffer from bad digestive problems.


I am lactose and gluten intolerant. I used to be very much bloated and sometimes suffer abdominal pain for many hours a day when I so much as take a spoonful of the wrong food.


I now consume kefir daily. I also drink the almond milk and love it. No problem digesting all the food from KefirWorld and am thankful for these foods."


--Sue (baby sitter, early 50s)

"I do not particularly like yogurt but knowing kefir is good, I bought some frozen fruit kefir for my 2 year old daughter. She absolutely loved it.


Once we gave her another brand of yogurt and she refused to eat it after taking a mouthful, so we swithced back to KefirWorld. She consumes regularly now. I have also increase her intake of fruit and we give her the kefir on alternate days. She has really good bowel movement  now."


..May (part time tutor, late 20s)

"My first product was the pineapple fruit kefir. Boy, I had diarrhea! 10 times I went to the toilet. I was then told that this is a possible reaction for some. I thought it actually felt good after emptying all my bowel, I felt light! I continued consuming and after a while, my bowel movements normalised. Suprisingly, when I next tried the carrot-apple-banana smoothie, I had diarrhoea again but it was less severe.


Ha, taking kefir is certainly better than taking laxatives for me. I'm a regular now."


..Mrs Lum (retired, mid 60s)

"I have been buying for my 10 year old grandson the mango fruit kefir and mango kefir ice cream. He absolutely love it and refuses to share with me!"


..Mrs Leong (grandmother, 60s)

"I like to drink a bottle of kefir smoothie sometimes for breakfast. It is filling, nutritious and tastes great."


..Chan (shop owner, early 50s)

If you would like to share a feedback or review with other visitors, please send us your comments on our kefir products below. Thank you.

"Saya beli milk kefir grain and water kefir grain. Kualiti grain sangat bagus. Saya dah buat dua-dua jenis, alhamdulillah jadi dan grain makin bertambah. =) Anak saya umur 3 tahun sangat suka dengan water kefir, tambah juice skit dia mesti minum. Dia ada severe eczema, lepas minum nampak banyak perubahan. Kulit dia semakin baik. Kami suami-isteri minum milk kefir dan water kefir, sangat membantu penghadaman dan terasa lebih sihat."


..Hayati (PhD student, 30 an)



"I bought milk and water kefir grains. The quality of the grains are very good. I have started fermenting with both, they are successful and my grains are increasing =) My 3 year old son loves the water kefir, flavored with a litle juice, he definitely drinks it. He has severe eczema, after drinking many improvements are observed. His skin condition is improving. Both my husband and I drink milk kefir and water kefir and found them really helpful in our digestion and we feel healthier.


..Hayati (PhD student, 30s)

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