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The world of Kefir

Welcome to the world of kefir located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I believe you will find this site a simple, useful and resourceful kefir site to help you enjoy making and drinking kefir for the betterment of your health and of those you love.

how to make kefir

Description : Fermented roselle kefir drink. Loaded with enzymes, antioxidant, vitamins and probiotics. Tastes like sparkling juice or red wine.


Weight : 750ml


Price  : RM20.00

Description : Our roselle are sourced from a local farm known for its fertile soil in Perak, Malaysia. More info on the farm available here


Weight : 70g per pack


Price    : RM15.00

Minimum order for readymade kefir products : RM70 (delivery charges apply depending on  


                                                                               Kindly whats app to confirm.


Before you order:

After you have selected your products, kindly read the FAQ page before ordering as we may not be able to answer your queries immediately, this will save you time should you have any common queries.


Please note that usually 2-3 days are needed before your order may be ready for delivery or collection, depending on the availabilty of stock and/or delivery schedule.



To order products:

1. Call/SMS/Whatsapp 011-12343361 (Jane) OR

2. Email via the contact form below or




Option - i.  Self-collect either in Taman Connaught,Cheras OR

             ii. Sent to you via courier service (for grains) or delivery service

             iii. Arranged home service delivery for ready made products (Klang Valley)  



Payment Method:

Direct debit to a Maybank account(Malaysian order) or paypal



Home Delivery Service

Ready homemade kefir and other products can be sent to your home (Klang Valley only)

Delivery charges apply. Contact us for details and arrangements of delivery date and time.


For international orders outside of Malaysia, kindly contact me via e-mail for payments and shipping costs.

By Chai Youn Wong

Description : Deatiled information, tips, personal experiences and more than 50 FAQ to enable you to make kefir confidently.              


Price             : RM25.00 (USD7.99)


The ebook can be downloaded immediately after you pay through the button below via paypal.

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Dried Roselle

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"I have been consuming all the range of products from MyKefirWorld. I especially like the kefir smoothie and water kefir. They are delicious! More importantly, my health has improved a lot. I am vegetarian and suffer from bad digestive problems.


I am lactose and gluten more

Water Kefir

Other products

Kefir Desserts

roselle and passion

Description : Fermented passion fruit kefir drink.


Weight : 750ml


Price  : RM20.00

Description : Made with coconut nectar (from the coconut palm tree) and lemon for a truly refreshing water kefir


Weight : 750ml


Price  : RM20.00

* Required

Description : One of the best sugar to use for fermenting water kefir. Jaggery sugar is an unrefined raw sugar that is rich in

nutrients and minerals.


Weight : 500g per pack


Price  : RM 7.00


Cow Milk Kefir

Roselle Kefir

Passion Fruit Kefir

Coconut Nectar Lemon Kefir

Dried Roselle

Ebook : Make Kefir Successfully

Imported Jaggery Sugar

11109431_1578166885781118_4923163136707603117_n roselle 4

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Coconut Water Kefir

Description : Fermented coconut water kefir drink.


Weight : 750ml


Price  : RM20.00

mango ice-cream

Mango kefir Ice Cream

Description: Enjoy a deliciously creamy and refreshing mango kefir ice cream.


Volume : 900ml


Price     :  RM40 per tub



Description: Enjoy a deliciously creamy and refreshing vanilla kefir ice cream.


Volume : 900ml


Price     :  RM40 per tub


Vanilla kefir Ice Cream

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How To Order strawberry

Strawberry kefir Ice Cream

Description: Enjoy a deliciously creamy and refreshing strawberry kefir ice cream.


Volume : 900ml


Price     :  RM40 per tub


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