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Welcome to the world of kefir located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I believe you will find this site a simple, useful and resourceful kefir site to help you enjoy making and drinking kefir for the betterment of your health and of those you love.


Kefir Resolves Chronic Constipation

This is surely one of the most amazing account of kefir I have heard. It is from a lady I shall call Vin. It really blows my mind listening to her. Unbelievable what she had gone through for so many years and even more astounding to hear what kefir did for her!


Told her I had to share this. She kindly consented and even gave me a picture. Thanks, Vin! (It may be a bit long, but if you know anyone chronically constipated, you MUST read this)


Vin came to me wanting to get some water kefir. Let me translate her story for she spoke to me in Cantonese:


Her background


"I have been suffering from constipation for the past twenty years since 12. My mother also suffers chronic constipation and passed on to me and my 2 other sisters. Strangely, my brothers did not inherit this problem. I drink about 2 litres of water daily and ate lots of vegetables but these did  not help.


You won't believe how bad my constipation had been all these past 20 years. I have a bowel movement once every few days and for that, I have to rely on laxatives. Once, I never had a bowel movement for a whole month! My abdomen was swollen! Can you believe it, CY, that at that instance, after I finished a meal, I vomitted it out? Out came not only that meal but undigested gooey stuffs from previous meals too! (Yikes!!)


Her 'solutions'


Once every 3 years, I would be hospitalised for 3 days and sedated. They would then clean out all rubbish from both my stomach and all my intestines. I would be unconscious for all 3 days for them to thoroughly clean all my insides. I truly dread these hospital visits! These were my nightmares.


All these past 20 years, I have tried every laxative and fiber detox there are in the market, both from the doctors and health shops. They would work for 3-4 times, then the effect will be gone and I would have to try another brand. Each brand works but for a imited time only. So, I had to keep rotating brands. After 3 or 4 different brands, I could go back to the first brand and they would work again.


I was told not to rely on these laxatives but what choice do I have? So, it was always changing brands or increasing doses which I was told was dangerous.


I just was unable to have a bowel movement without any help for 20 years. Going to the hospiatl once in 3 years for total cleansing treatment in the hospital and relying on all these laxatives are what I believe kept me alive all these years!


Water Kefir


Then recently a friend atarted making some water kefir for me to drink.


On the first day, I drank a big glass. Nothing happened.


The subsequent days, I drank two little glasses per day, one each morning and evening.


The second day, nothing.


Third day, started to feel a little abdominal pain but unfortunately and disappointingly, no BM (bowel movement).


Kefir Side Effects


Fourth day, the pain was increasing in intensity and got to be very bad! No BM.

Same pain for the fifth, sixth and seventh day! I am a very hardy person and can withstand a lot of pain.  But those pains were worst than giving birth!


On the seventh day, I told my husband I was finally going to the hospital the next morning to check what's wrong.


The eight morning, I woke up ready to go hospital but the pain was gone! That very day, I went to the toilet and had my BOWEL MOVEMENT! I told hubby later that I never once in the past 20 years had a BM like that - it was A LOT, black and gooey gummy like-urghh.


The following 3 days after that, I went every single day and every day, a LOT and blackish.


And I have been having a bowel movement every day since and is now into the 20th day.


Finally, this morning, I have my stools not black and floating for the first time."
































Listening to her up to this point left me really speechless! I asked her if she had been drinking every single day after she started having her BM. "No, I stopped for a few days cause my friend have not made enough yet. In the days that I did not drink the water kefir, I was still able to have a daily movement." WOW and WOW.


Dear readers, this is surely one the most astounding experience I have heard so far from one who suffered an extreme case of chronic constipation and kefir's ability to resolve this-all in less than two weeks. Please, if you know anyone suffering from chronic constipation, share this story with them!

Vivian's fiber

Vin's many pre-kefir solutions still lying in her home

Kefir and Constipation

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