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The world of Kefir

Welcome to the world of kefir located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I believe you will find this site a simple, useful and resourceful kefir site to help you enjoy making and drinking kefir for the betterment of your health and of those you love.


You will need :


• 1 tablespoon natural Kefir grains

• 300-500g (1.5 - 2 cup whole cow or goats milk (preferably raw milk or pasteurized whole milk)          

• glass jar

• lid for jar or clean cloth

• strainer (non-metallic)

• cup





1. Place kefir grains in glass jar. Add the fresh milk.

Although any type of milk will do, it is best to use raw un-pasteurized milk.  

Other suitable milks are pasteurized whole milk and non-fat milk.

You can  also use milk from a wide range of animals, like cows, goats, sheep, even camel and buffalo milks.

2. Cover the jar.

You can use the lid of the jar (do not cover air tight) or a clean cloth.    

Leave some  space or some breathing room.

3. Place jar in a room temperature away from direct sunlight.

4. Leave for 24 hours (less if the climate is hot)

5. Separate the kefir from the kefir grains.

Using a plastic strainer, pour out the mixture onto the cup.

The remaining solids caught by the strainer can and should be used for your next batch of kefir making.

6. Drink your milk kefir

The liquid you strained onto the cup is now your Kefir.

You can drink this  right away, refrigerate it for later or use it for some other kefir recipes.


Note :


  • You may stir the glass jar occasionally after 8 hours with a non-metallic spoon (though not essential).

  • The fermentation time really depends on factors such as temperature, amount of grains and amount of milk. If your

        kefir is fermenting too fast (especially in hot climates, you may put the glass in the fridge in the day and out at room

        temperature the night.

  • The kefir is ready when you see the whole batch has co-agulated  (thickened). 

Basic Milk Kefir Recipe

Basic Water Kefir Recipe

This is a basic water kefir recipe. You will need :


• 1-2 tablespoons of water kefir grains

• 1/3 cup cane sugar (can also be refined white sugar, raw sugar, brown  sugar or palm sugar)

• Optional: Few pieces dried fruit eg fig

• 700-800 ml mineral water

• 1 liter glass container

• cloth or lid for container

• strainer (non-metallic)




1. Dissolve sugar in mineral water. Add kefir grains and dried raisins.

2. Cover the container with a cloth or lid. Make sure it is not air-tight.

3. Place away from sunlight and leave at room temperature.

4. Let it ferment for  24 hours.

The longer you allow it to ferment the stronger the taste and more carbonated it becomes. It will also have a very slight alcohol content.

5. Strain and separate kefir grains.

 Place kefir grains into a clean jar and make the next batch or store it away until you want to make another batch.

6. Drink your water kefir.


             (At this point, you may want to add some squeezed lemon/orange    

              juice for additionl vitamins and flavor.


             Or if you wish, you can further enhance your strained kefir drink  

             with fresh slices of fruit such as apples, lemon etc for a secondary  

             fermentation for a futher 24 hours in an airtight glass container.  

             Then remove fruit slices, chill and consume. Secondary  

             fermentation will give you a fizzier kefir drink).


Note :

You are here : Homepage/ Make kefir / Basic Kefir Recipe

Learning how to make kefir is really super easy!

Basic steps to making any type of kefir:


1. Place kefir grains together with medium  (milk/sugary water/etc) in glass container


2. Cover jar and leave it for 24 hours


3. Remove grains and enjoy or keep in fridge for later


Grains + solution → 24 hours → remove grains = DONE

That, in a nutshell, is how kefir is made.


Right, now for details. The recipes below are basic milk kefir and water kefir recipes respectively. When you are new to kefir making, it is best to start with the basic first.

* Trouble Shooting


Sometimes, you may encounter some problems for example your kefir has some other colored spots on it. Any other color other that the natural milk kefir color MUST NOT be consumed because they are likely to be contaminated. If this occurs, it is best to discard the whole batch even though the grains can be salvaged.


If you are seriously considering to make kefir for health purposes such as to heal your gut or to strengthen your immune system, I would recommend that you obtain a copy of the ebook ‘Make Kefir Successfully’ where I have provided more than 50 FAQs on both water and milk kefir issues as well as a more detailed explanation on the various ways to solve some kefir making problems we may encounter and how to overcome them.


Although we can obtain much information for free, having a guide on hand saves a lot of time. On top of putting all the information in one book, I have also included various useful tips discovered through several years ‘ experiences of making kefir.


• You can also add herbs in your fermenting, eg cinnamon, a few slices of  ginger etc.  Adding different fruit or herbs will add to the properties in your kefir drink and will enhance the health benefits.


• If you make kefir a lot and like to ferment using different fruits or herbs, you may want to place the kefir grains in a muslin cloth pouch. This will spare your grains from being mixed up with the remnants of whatever fruits you ferment them with. Otherwise, you will just need to spend a little more time to remove all these particles and they can be quite a chore!


Both the above are the basic recipes. After you have mastered the basics, it's time to experiment! You can also opt to do a secondary fermentation.

Basic Kefir Recipe

How To Make Kefir

- The Basic Recipe

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